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The new restructuring plan of Dongdian will be released. The nuclear power and transmission and distribution business will be adjusted

2017/03/23 10:48
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March 22, according to the Kyodo News Agency, the main contents of the new operation plan of the Tokyo Electric Power Holding Co., Ltd.
March 22, according to the Kyodo News Agency, the main contents of the new operation plan of the Tokyo Electric Power Holding Co., Ltd., "New and New Integrated Special Business Plan" were recently exposed. In order to ensure the cost of the nuclear accident in Fukushima, it is planned to reorganize and integrate the nuclear power business and the power transmission and distribution business with other power companies, and establish a joint venture to discuss the issue as soon as possible.
The report also said that in order to restart the Kashiwazaki Yuki nuclear power plant (located in Niigata Prefecture, Japan), TEPCO will seek cooperation from other power companies. The decision to get rid of nationalization will be postponed from the original 2017 plan to 2019.
As the nuclear accident handling fee reached about 22 trillion yen (about 1.35 trillion yuan), the plan was revised by doubling the original estimate. This is the first comprehensive revision of the current plan, the New Integrated Special Business Plan, which was enacted in January 2014. To ensure costs, TEPCO will step up operational efficiency and productivity.
It is reported that Dongdian announced the main content on the afternoon of the 22nd, and it is proposed to accept the Japanese government's approval as soon as possible after the overall plan was formulated in April.
Regarding the complete integration of the Central Power Company's thermal power business, the plan emphasizes that a basic agreement will be reached this spring. The transmission and distribution business strives for restructuring and integration, and will establish a platform for sharing knowledge with the nation's power companies as soon as possible. The medium and long-term plan also takes into account the acquisition of overseas transmission and distribution companies.
In addition, the company also proposed restructuring and integration of the nuclear power business in the future. At present, in order to ensure and cultivate talents and technologies and to develop new light water reactors, we will establish joint ventures with domestic nuclear power companies and make overseas expansion a medium- and long-term issue.
The Kashiwazaki Yuki nuclear power plant was facing a severe situation due to the cautious attitude of the Governor of Niigata Prefecture, Mishan Longyi. In order to restore credibility, TEPCO will work with other power companies to achieve a restart. However, there is no time to restart the plan.
The report pointed out that in view of the increase in the cost of handling the Fukushima nuclear accident, the Japanese government will maintain more than half of the voting rights held by support agencies such as atomic damage compensation and scrapping, and continue to participate in the state-owned TEPCO operations.
However, other power giants are wary of the cooperation with the Japanese government under the management of the East Power, fearing that the proceeds will be used as reactor scrap and compensation. To this end, the new restructuring plan proposes to establish rules on the way the government participates and the cost sharing.